Icon Heritage Partners

Our smartest business move is to bring the best combination of talent, expertise, and partnerships to every opportunity, and that includes investors who share in the vision, business plan, and operational structure of the deal.

Investment Focus

We focus on core/core plus, value-add and opportunistic real estate investment opportunities across the residential and mixed-use asset classes in strong gateway cities and in high growth and emerging markets with strong real estate fundamentals, high density, population growth, and dynamic economies and in communities at the center of or near the path of progress. 

For core assets, we consider the economic exposure of the local area whereas for core plus assets, we emphasize a modest value-add approach.

Our value-add acquisition strategy seeks quality properties where we can identify a physical, operational, or financial improvement opportunity that we can address through active management that will eventually yield more aggressive income growth.

Our opportunistic deals focuses on thematic investing for ground up development and adaptive reuse projects.

Investment Principles

Icon Heritage constantly has one eye on the future and focused on well-developed investment strategies based on thorough research and analysis.

Our core investment principles emphasize value creation by de-risking complex opportunities, nurturing partnerships with top tier operators, structuring downside protection, carrying out diligent underwriting and seamless execution, committing to sustainability and ESG standards, and most importantly, creating strong, long term alignment with investors with full transparency between our team and investors.

What we avoid are market bets, widely marketed and competitive situations, core, low yielding assets with no angle for Icon Heritage to add value, misaligned operating partners and highly speculative investments.

Risk Mitigation

We seek to manage risk through prudent use of leverage, effective capital management, retaining a diversified portfolio of assets and collaborating with strategic partners for large or complex developments.

Absolute return is our philosophy. It means we make no compromise when analyzing investments and seek to apply our judicious acquisition process to assets and operate with integrity to preserve and grow our investors’ capital. 


Combining detailed regional knowledge, on-the-ground presence through local offices and partnerships, and a deep understanding of the real estate marketplace, we have widened our investment footprint across the Southeast U.S.

We are also able to capitalize on valuable regional and local investment opportunities through our alliance network with key strategic partners.


We take a partnership approach to real estate investing – both at the asset level as well as at the platform / entity-level. This approach has allowed us to create significant enterprise value beyond the underlying value of the assets.

Our ideal partners bring strong programmatic experience to unique or complex investment opportunities and also allow us to expand our capacity for larger undertakings.

Investment Approach

We are a rigorous and disciplined value-oriented manager and significant sponsor of all of our deals. Through our fundamental analysis combined with detailed regional knowledge, on-the-ground presence and hands-on asset management, we target only strategically appropriate investment opportunities and then take a considered institutional approach to investing, guided by several key principles:

Asset Management Strategy

Our Asset Manager, working closely with the Property Management Team and Operator, will proactively manage its properties to achieve the following goals:

Co-invest with confidence.

Icon Heritage Fund 1 is a 506(b) private equity real estate fund targeting value-add multifamily assets largely in the Southeastern U.S.  Our ‘funds of funds’ model allows investors a more significant risk mitigation and diversification strategy and has a target of purchasing 5-10 assets over the life of the fund. The fund size is $50 million.

Investing opportunities are available to institutional investors, family offices, individuals, SD-IRA and 401K.

Investment Criteria

Co-Investment Range


Investment Type

Value-add multifamily

Asset Type

150 - 400 Units, 1980 - 2010 Vintage, B/C+ Class


Florida and Georgia


What do we look for in Co-GP and programmatic partner?


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