As a vertically integrated company,
we continue to evolve and create
new categories and markets to
invest in.

Our primary investment vehicle is in Class B and Class C workforce housing and value add multifamily assets in high growth, emerging markets and opportunity zones that feature current, medium and long term positive economic and demographic growth. We maximize NOI and investor returns by making strategic capital improvements and improving operational efficiency. We mitigate risk through down markets through conservative underwriting (cash flowing properties, value add upside), debt structure (long term agency debt), and heavy cash reserves.

We believe that affordable communities are created through mixed income housing and where the assets around meet physical, social, health, and cultural needs. To this end, we approach holistic equitable development by aligning our commercial development to meet a community’s hierarchy of needs from workforce housing, medical facilities, entertainment, food and dining, and creative spaces, among other community assets. The result of which creates sustainable projects aligned with key demographic, market, and environmental trends.

We target investment opportunities in emerging secondary markets with industry diversity, year-on-year job growth, dynamic economies, favorable demographics, strong real estate fundamentals, and vibrant cultural communities. Acquisitions include ground-up development, redevelopment, asset repositioning, and creative financing.

Our Model

1) Target investment opportunities that deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

2) Focus on value-add, repositioning, and rebranding projects and efficiently manage them to be cycle-resistant.

3) Target holding periods of 3-5 years with opportunities for refinancing cash-outs or other liquidity events once significant value is created.

We are always looking to expand our real estate portfolio through acquisitions of multifamily, senior housing, mixed-use properties, and adaptive reuse projects as well as joint ventures. Please contact us to start the discussion.

Our asset management team manages post development and acquisition holdings through the implementation of property-level value creation and preservation strategies. We also provide a comprehensive range of leasing and property management functions, whether operational, financial, or physical.

We offer an adaptable asset management approach and prepare quarterly projections and financials that include capital asset preservation recommendations and return on investment calculations.

Let's Talk!

We’re actively pursuing new development projects, partnering on others, and also have available investment opportunities for limited partners. Let’s talk about how we can be strategic partners.

Based in Miami; investing in growth markets

HQ: (305) 741-0378