Detroit Assisted Living


There’s a significant shortage of inventory for senior housing that’s predicted to get worse as the aging population is predicted to be 25% of the total population over the next decide. Additionally, nursing homes often cost states 3-5x more than assisted living, yet many communities lack affordable assisted living facilities. 

This former senior housing building will be redeveloped as a service-enriched affordable assisted living facility where seniors can live independently and get assistance with the 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). As a tax credit development, affordability is set at 60% of the area’s Average Media Income (AMI) with Medicaid waivers paying for the services..

  • Site Control

  • 11421 Dexter Ave, Detroit

  • 70,000 Sq ft

  • Market Rate Apartments

  • 138 Units

  • 4%/9% LIHTC

  • $25 million

  • Repositioning

Deals Highlights

This development is being built as a service-enriched environment where
seniors can get their daily needs met under one roof.

Commercial Kitchen with 3 meals daily

Medication Management

Nursing Staff



Fitness Room


On-site Salon

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11421 Dexter Ave
Detroit, MI 48206

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